Good Morning Spring Blossoms

How nice to see the pink flowers on my weeping cherries. The yellow flowers on the forsythia, the purple hyacinth and let’s not forget the daffodils.  Now I know spring is here.

Wake up sleepy heads… Time to get up and work your beds.  Warm weather is on its way.

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Do Words Speak Louder?

apparently they do in today’s society .  What a sad shame.  Politically correct I suppose is also in.  Having any kind of opinion has also gone out the window.

All my life, I thought doing for others was what counted. Helping, being kind were all good.  Actions no longer matter.  Did you know that you could say one thing and possibly word it incorrectly and someone could turn it and twist it into hate.?

all you worked hard for your whole life, all the lives you changed, all the time you spent is all gone. Because someone interprets it in another way.


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I believe I’m in Morning today.  My moms sister, my Aunt Mary passed away this week. I’m sad, but I must remember that I have so many beautiful memories with her.

Another Chapter is over. I have to let go. She was my moms baby sister. My Aunt was almost 91 years old.  My mom is still here, she is 101 years old.  The only one left of her brothers and sister.  My Aunt Mary was my second mom. She was very kind and very loving.  I take after her in many ways.  She will always be remembered. Forever in my heart Aunt Mary.  With love

little Connie

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Politics of Life

Fear vs LoveThere are only two words or emotions or feelings that exist.

Love and Fear.  If you have love in your heart all things are possible, for you are kinder, free, giving, caring, receptive and open to all possibilities.

If you live in fear or with fear you have nothing.  There is selfishness, greed, coldness, hate, resentment, jealousy, lies, depression, and pure evil.

So I’m writing this morning to anyone who is listening.  Open your hearts to the greatest gift of all… LOVE

We as a nation and all around the world need to live love, breathe love and give love everywhere we go.



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Nothing like a Blog

Blogs are good because you can share so much information with  your friends and the world.  I don’t know why I stopped.  Maybe it was because I didn’t understand how it worked and perhaps I still don’t understand it, but I was willing to give it another try.

Four years ago I started a conversation group.  Like minded individuals would meet and share ideas and thoughts. The conversations were all wonderful. Sometimes we spoke of Angels, dreams, life encounters, romance the Mysteries of life and so on.  I miss that class and some of my friends would like to start meeting again.

Last January I started my Yoga class.  I wanted to heal the mind body connection.  I wanted to heal myself and others.  Yoga is a good place to start.  It’s meditative, phsyical, disciplined and energizing all at the same time.  Mind- learning how to clear it, body- keeping it limber, spirit- remembering who we are.

Who are we?  That is a really good question.  Have you ever thought about it? Or is life so busy that you really don’t care.  I took the time to find out who we are.  I think I almost have the puzzle figured out.  Life is a puzzle you know, so is the after life, and the before you were born. Is the after and the before the same? Possibly! Like I said, Life is a puzzle and when all the pieces fit then you can see the picture or can you?  Some of us can look at the picture and see it for what it is.  Some of us can use our imagination and take it further.  Some of us can look at the picture and not have a clue.

So who were we before we came into human form? Did you ever think that it’s possible that we were Angels.  I think it’s very possible.  What do you think? Who do you think we were?  Write me and let me know.

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Snow Day in March 2017


  • Today is another wow for me.  Too cold and too much snow.  I’m ready for Spring.  I do not like long winters that extend into April.  Time to be a snow bird and fly away.
  •  Today was a day to sit and Meditate. I did just that along with cooking a delicious oxtail soup and playing computer games.  Hung out with my two dogs Bagel the beagle and Muffin the poodle.  Nice relaxing day.  Some times it’s nice to be quiet.

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It’s been awhile since I blogged

Wow!  I guess I gave up on blogging for awhile.  A lot has happened in my life.  It’s now 2017.  Time sure can fly by.  Since my last post. I got rid of all my chickens. I had lots of rats hanging around.  Bye bye chickens.  Still have my geese and they are still laying delicious goose eggs.  We have a new addition to our family. Her name is Bagel the beagle.  Rescued her three years ago.   We lost our chihuahua died last April to kidney failure and cancer.  So sad.  Our sweet little cookie. Gone from our lives.

I changed my vegetable garden to beds with grass around. Making it easy so I do not have to weed as much. It only took me ten years or so to come to this great idea.

This year I’ll be growing lettuce, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, squash, kale cabbage     and the rest I’ll get from the Golden Earthworm farm here on Long Island. Also growing berries raspberry and blackberries, blueberries, grapes, pomegranate , persimmons flowers, rhubarb, lavender plants , roses



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