Those Wonderful Eggs

Every morning when I go into the hen-house, I get so excited when I see those perfect brown eggs sitting in each box.  It’s like going on an Easter egg hunt every day of your life.  The boxes that I use for my hens to lay are milk crates.  Yes you heard that right, I recycled.  I fill them with fresh clean straw and my hens lay their precious cargo in a little nest which they created.   

The egg…How amazing is that?  Did you know that hens do not need a rooster to lay eggs?

If your eggs are coming from a healthy source, like my wonderful eggs.  Then you can go ahead and indulge and eat one everyday.  My eggs have no soy.  The hens roam when possible.  They eat the green grass, and many bugs and worms.  They scratch about around the yard and find all kinds of goodies.  Everything they eat goes into the yolk.  When you eat the yolk you get all those wonderful nutrients.  Did you know that it is very hard for us to digest the whites of the egg?  Well it is.  So don’t be afraid to enjoy those yolks.  Especially when you are eating my eggs. 

Send me a comment and let me know when you want some of my most precious cargo…Those wonderful eggs.


About theorganicchickenlady

At one time owner of Connie's Bakeshop in Mattituck, moved on to raise chickens organically for their eggs. I own very small farm with 2 geese 75 hens 4 roosters two dogs I grow all my own organic vegetables.
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