Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Did you know that the yolk of an egg is rich in omega 3 fatty acid if the chicken eats a healthy diet enriched with fish oil or meal.  Well our chickens eat a healthy diet with fish meal in their grain, plus grass and bugs.  So if you buy your eggs from an organic farm ask them if their chickens are eating fish oil or meal as part of their diet. 

A healthy person can eat at least one egg a day.  I usually eat two a day or every other day.  My son is younger, he’ll eat at least three sometimes four a day.  So go ahead and indulge.  Remember it’s all in the yolk.


About theorganicchickenlady

At one time owner of Connie's Bakeshop in Mattituck, moved on to raise chickens organically for their eggs. I own very small farm with 2 geese 75 hens 4 roosters two dogs I grow all my own organic vegetables.
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