The Organic Vegetable Garden

It’s growing beautifully.  My tomatoes will need to be staked.  My broccoli and cabbage has gotten wider and taller and little heads have started to form in the cabbage.  The other day I saw a white moth flying around.   That means she’ll be laying her eggs on the cabbage crop and the little caterpillars will hatch and start to chew the leaves.  I check every day and I have not seen any striped or green caterpillars yet.   My potato plants are filling out, the greens on the onions are getting thicker.  All my seedlings are starting to get their second leaves.   We have harvested some of the outer leaves on the spinach.  I’ll be harvesting some of the outer leaves on the endive plants tomorrow. 

We’ve had rain these last few days.  The string beans are just beginning to pop up.  The peas are starting to twine on the fence.  We could sure use some sun tomorrow and that will make for perfect conditions in the organic vegetable garden.  This week I’ll be planting my cucumbers and squash and some herbs and edible flowers.

My vegetable garden is not only vegetables.  We have blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries.  Rhubarb too.  I also have gladiolas, cosmos, marigolds, sunflowers, lemon balm, oregano, parsley, garlic and cilantro growing.  I have a star magnolia growing in the center of the garden with some peonies too.  There is some clematis on the fence.  There is a lot happening in my garden.  Everything is grown with lots of love and no pesticides at all.   All the weeds in the garden are fed to the chickens.  All the chicken poop and straw will be added back into the garden in the fall.


About theorganicchickenlady

At one time owner of Connie's Bakeshop in Mattituck, moved on to raise chickens organically for their eggs. I own very small farm with 2 geese 75 hens 4 roosters two dogs I grow all my own organic vegetables.
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