My Rhode Island Red Rooster

Cosby is his name or Foghorn for short like the cartoon.  He was the biggest baby chick.  He grew the fastest and ate the most.  I have four Roosters altogether Rudy being the oldest by two years.  He welcomed the other three.  He groomed them to be like him.  During this summer around the end of June I noticed that Cosby was limping.  Now I don’t know if he hurt his foot when he jumped, or did the Gander grab his foot when they were out roaming, or could he have possibly quarreled with Rudy.  This I won’t know.  I picked him up carefully and looked at his foot, his back toe was in the wrong place, it looked broken and he had this weird looking scab like thing on his foot.  I believe after some research it might be brumble foot.  Some kind of staff infection.  We took him out of the coop and isolated him in our garage.  We had an old dog house, we put straw inside it so Cosby could come and go when he wanted too.  My husband and I followed some directions on-line on what to do for brumble foot, we did some surgery, cleaned out the wound and wrapped up his foot with neosporin and bandages.  We changed the bandages every three days.  Then we had to do some more surgery because the swelling still didn’t go down and out came this puss.  Cosby was good during the surgery, I held him tight and put a towel over his head.  The area we cut was dead skin so he didn’t feel it.  He was a good boy.  We put him on an antibiotic for a week to make sure that everything was okay.  The funny part of it is, that Foghorn that’s what we call him now is living in the garage for a month now.  I tried putting him back in the coop, but he fights me when I carry him up there.  When he’s in the coop he wants to hide, or just paces back and forth in front of the door.  When I take him out he runs down the driveway and back into the dog house which is his safe house. 

Every morning about 5:30am we hear Foghorn during his early morning crowing.  We have gotten to know each other very will.  I feed him in the morning and he says thank you in his small rooster voice.  He follows me around the yard during the day and I talk to him and he answers back.  At night he puts himself back in his house.  I call to him “Foghorn, Are you in your house?”  “He answers, buck buck buck yes I am.” and I close the garage door, and give him his evening meal, then off into his house he goes.  Good Night Foghorn  I say.  “Buck Buck Buck” he answers.  It looks like Foghorn will be living in our garage for a long time. 

Today July 29, 2011, Foghorn came to the front door and wanted to come in the house, which he has a few times.  This time he walked around, crowed a few times and then followed us upstairs.  We took some pictures and a small video and then I picked him up and brought him back outside.  I think he just wanted to be with us.  So you know that expression “Dumb as a chicken” well don’t let anyone ever tell you that chickens are dumb.  They are most amazing animals.


About theorganicchickenlady

At one time owner of Connie's Bakeshop in Mattituck, moved on to raise chickens organically for their eggs. I own very small farm with 2 geese 75 hens 4 roosters two dogs I grow all my own organic vegetables.
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