Nothing like a Blog

Blogs are good because you can share so much information with  your friends and the world.  I don’t know why I stopped.  Maybe it was because I didn’t understand how it worked and perhaps I still don’t understand it, but I was willing to give it another try.

Four years ago I started a conversation group.  Like minded individuals would meet and share ideas and thoughts. The conversations were all wonderful. Sometimes we spoke of Angels, dreams, life encounters, romance the Mysteries of life and so on.  I miss that class and some of my friends would like to start meeting again.

Last January I started my Yoga class.  I wanted to heal the mind body connection.  I wanted to heal myself and others.  Yoga is a good place to start.  It’s meditative, phsyical, disciplined and energizing all at the same time.  Mind- learning how to clear it, body- keeping it limber, spirit- remembering who we are.

Who are we?  That is a really good question.  Have you ever thought about it? Or is life so busy that you really don’t care.  I took the time to find out who we are.  I think I almost have the puzzle figured out.  Life is a puzzle you know, so is the after life, and the before you were born. Is the after and the before the same? Possibly! Like I said, Life is a puzzle and when all the pieces fit then you can see the picture or can you?  Some of us can look at the picture and see it for what it is.  Some of us can use our imagination and take it further.  Some of us can look at the picture and not have a clue.

So who were we before we came into human form? Did you ever think that it’s possible that we were Angels.  I think it’s very possible.  What do you think? Who do you think we were?  Write me and let me know.


About theorganicchickenlady

At one time owner of Connie's Bakeshop in Mattituck, moved on to raise chickens organically for their eggs. I own very small farm with 2 geese 75 hens 4 roosters two dogs I grow all my own organic vegetables.
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