Do Words Speak Louder?

apparently they do in today’s society .  What a sad shame.  Politically correct I suppose is also in.  Having any kind of opinion has also gone out the window.

All my life, I thought doing for others was what counted. Helping, being kind were all good.  Actions no longer matter.  Did you know that you could say one thing and possibly word it incorrectly and someone could turn it and twist it into hate.?

all you worked hard for your whole life, all the lives you changed, all the time you spent is all gone. Because someone interprets it in another way.



About theorganicchickenlady

At one time owner of Connie's Bakeshop in Mattituck, moved on to raise chickens organically for their eggs. I own very small farm with 2 geese 75 hens 4 roosters two dogs I grow all my own organic vegetables.
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