No More Chickens

I still have my geese though.  Maybe I should just be Mother Goose.  I have not been blogging in a while.  A lot has gone on in my life.  All for the good, always for that.

When I starting raising my chickens on soy feed not too many people were doing that.  There are so many people that I know doing soy free that I decided it was one less job I needed to do.  So I gave away my girls to my friends. I don’t miss the work, but I miss them and getting the eggs in the morning.

I don’t know how many of you have raised chicken, but along with chickens you get furry friends who want to share the food. Some of the furry friends were quite cute, but some of them weren’t and that was another reason I had to say bye-bye too my girls.

The hen house is clean and its back too being my garden shed. All my garden things that were in my garage are now in the shed. The large coral that the chickens roamed in has lots of grass and weeds and is a roaming place for my geese. This keeps my geese from taking a stroll around the block and visiting the neighbors. I feel much better about them being in there. We will have too build a manger and attach it to the outside of the shed too give the geese shelter in the winter months and a nesting place when she starts laying eggs. Problem solved. I’ll have eggs in the winter, a little larger than normal, but wonderful eggs.

Well good-bye for now. I’ll try to make a note too keep posting. Love too all.

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Lots of Squash in the Organic Garden

Today I put together a delicious dish using squash, eggplant, broccoli and garlic.

In a large cast iron pan drizzle some olive oil, about 3 tlbs.  Add a half of a stick of butter.  Now place 8 thinly sliced chicken cutlets and sauté until they browned on both sides.  Remove.  Cut up two large zucchini thickly sliced, one oriental eggplant(the long kind) also thickly sliced an add to the pan.  Let the thick slices saute and brown on both sides.  Add broccoli spears and toss around add fresh garlic at this point along with salt and pepper.  Now cut up about three sweet italian sausages and add to the pan cover and let the sausage cook a little then turn everything around and upside and re-cover.  Cook until the sausage are cooked through or lightly pink.  Cut up the chicken and add back to the pan Toss everything together and sprinkle with grated cheese of your choice.  Remove from heat and you are ready to eat.  I don’t know what to call this dish but it’s delicious. 

The meats I used are also organically raised with no hormones or antibiotics.

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Rain, Rain, Rain

Yes we need rain. I like it much better when it rains in the night.  Not every day.  Our weather is very extreme.  Sometimes the rain just doesn’t let up. Today I can’t even plant in the garden because the soil is to wet.  I guess I’m asking for too much.  We don’t live in a perfect world.  We can’t order the weather.  Although, I have tried and some times I have gotten a postive outcome.  On channel 5 news today Rosanna Scotto said, “April Showers bring May Flowers, Where are the flowers?”  The flowers are there, they just are a little soggy.  Well the grass is definitely getting greener.  Everything is growing good.  So there are positives and negatives.  The weatherman said, “Sun” the rest of the week.  Sounds good.  I guess I’ll plant tomorrow. 

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Where did that 77degree weather go?

It certainly was a tease.  I so want it to be warmer.  It’s been cool this last two weeks.  I know it’s only early spring, but that extra warm weather was great.  It’s just what the doctor ordered.  I need that in my life now.  I’m tired of the cold, I don’t want to do much outside yet.  When it’s cold I just want to hibernate.  I know all of a sudden it will be May. Yeah! I can’t wait.  In March I planted in the vegetable garden.  I have garlic in there along with potatoes, peas and beets.  I have strawberry plants, raspberry and blackberry.  The end of April I’ll plant my lettuces, broccoli and cabbage.  I put a bunch of beach rocks around the garden fence to stop the rabbits from digging under.  My chickens go out in the afternoons and pull the rocks away from the garden fence by scratching. They can certainly be annoying at times.  My chickens haven’t been laying that good.  I think they are confused with the weather too.  When it’s cold they don’t lay.  When it’s warm they lay more. Today there was only one dozen eggs.  I have 37 hens.  Where’s the eggs?  I guess they decided to take a rest.  Well off for now.  I’ll talk to you all again soon.

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Our first pullet arrived yesterday.  One of our sexlings layed her first egg.  My two sons and I were fighting over who was going to eat it.  I won and ate it this morning.  It was small but very delicious.  Pullets are the first eggs that hens lay.  They are the best tasting.  As the hen matures the eggs get larger.  Two year old and three-year old hens lay very large eggs.  Two more weeks and all the sexlings will be laying their first eggs.  I am not going to sell the pullets, I’m being stingy and keep them for ourselves.

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Morning Prayer

Just taking the time this morning to say a little prayer.  Thanking Jesus for another beautiful day in my life.  When I look out my window in the mornings I see the birds flying, I hear the Roosters crowing and the Geese honking.  A new day has begun.  Peace, beauty, air, water, sky just taking the time to be thankful for what we have.


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It’s Amazing

What’s amazing?  Life is amazing.  Everyday that we wake up is an amazing day.  I just got my new hens 12 of them, a friend of mine raised them for me with his 250 hens on his farm.  My hens are now ready to start laying eggs in March.  They are very beautiful.  They are a golden-blonde color with beautiful white markings on their backs and white tails.  I recently, sold off about 50 of my Rhode Island Reds and I am down to 25 of them now.  My new hens are called Sexlings, they are a cross between a Rhode Island Red and a Leghorn.  I was going to sell my auracana because she wasn’t laying and happened to read an article about them, that they lay in the spring and summer months and take a very long vacation.  She just layed a beautiful greenish blue egg yesterday.  I ate it for breakfast this morning.  The yolk was a golden-orange.  It was so delicious.  I poached it and ate it with a salad.  Yumm!  Well I hope to stay in contact with everyone.  Just remember that life is so amazing in so many ways.  Enjoy! 

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